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Tika Festival Was In The News Corona Vaccine Expires in 2 Hours In Jaipur due to lack of vaccine, while in Jaipur, 10 thousand covicin vaccines from Udaipur to celebrate the vaccine festival …

Vaccination is completely stopped in many districts of Rajasthan due to non-vaccination,At the same time, 10 thousand kovacine vaccines were ordered from Udaipur to celebrate the Tika festival in Jaipur. The Rajasthan government says that the Center has said That will provide four lakh vaccines by Sunday evening, but Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot says That we apply 5 and half lakh Corona vaccines daily in the state. In such a situation, even one day will not be completed with so many vaccines.

Let us tell you that Rajasthan has become the first state to apply one crore vaccines to Corona. But even in this case, know the condition of two vaccine centers in Corona, Jaipur. Aaj Tak has investigated these two centers.

1. The most infected area in Jaipur is Vaishali Nagar, where vaccine work is suspended in government hospital.Whereas yesterday, we had told how many crowds had reached here to get the vaccine. But due to non-availability of vaccines, people are returning to their respective homes. There are also many who have been waiting for the vaccine to be introduced since morning.

2. We also visited the center of the private hospital Salbi Hospital in Chitrakoot area of ​​Jaipur, where the vaccine work has stopped. People coming here for the vaccine are being told that the vaccine is not being administered today due to Sunday, whileVaccine is not being administered so that vaccine is not available.